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It’s officially camping season! Check out this practical user friendly Marsh Allen portable tabletop gas grill for your next camping trip or even for your next backyard barbecue.

Product Description
Portable gas grill. Heavy duty stamped steel construction. Easy to clean baked porcelain enamel finish.167 sq inch cooking surface. Bakelite handles for protected handling. Folding legs lock on top. Includes searing plate
• Bakelite handles for protected handling; Folding legs lock on top for easy portability
• 11,000 BTU burner with regulator
• 167 Sq. inch cooking surface; Includes searing plate
• Item size is 19-inch w by 11.25-inch d by 11-3/4-inch h
• Propane tank not included

Check out what these satisfied customers had to say!
Camping, daytrip grill
By Random Irish “Rusty Jones”
Works like a charm. I was going for something small and compact to take to the beach or to just relax at a state park for the day. It is perfect for what I bought it for. It is not for someone looking to conserve space or stay light weight via hiking or one backpack a person hike to camp kind of deal. Very easy setup, you need to buy a small propane tank for it but they are like 5 bucks, no biggy.

Nice grill for camping also!!!!
By Lynn
I purchased the tabletop grill and have used it for several camping trips and also for BBQ’s at home. It’s small enough to carry on picnics also. It extremely easy to clean… And it cooks great!!!!

Great Little Grill
By Stan
We bought this grill while camping in Colorado. Have cooked burgers, turkey sausages, chicken breasts and corn on the cob. All turned out great. Cleanup is a snap — far easier than the Forman it replaced, and now no added heat indoors from cooking. At home we’ll probably switch to a larger tank through an adapter. Highly recommended.

Small, portable, efficient, and cheap, September 13, 2014
By Maximillian Bechirian
This little grill has been touted all over Amazon and is sold under different names if I’m right about it, but that’s neither here nor there.

– Easy assembly
– Works well
– Easy storage
– Good heat distribution around grill
– Enough surface area to grill several things at once
– Minimalist design
– Easy to clean

– The lid gets SUPER hot while preheating it
– It can rust out very quickly if you leave it in the rain
– Needs something underneath it because it sits very low to the ground

I’ve used this grill multiple times and since it is so cheap and I’m not allowed to have a real “barbeque” at my house (lack of space and a place to put one) this is the perfect substitute as it lets me and my roommate grill cheaply and effectively. We left it out in the rain a few times and it has rusted, but it still functions perfectly fine. For being the price of an overdraft fee at most banks, this little grill works like a charm. My only gripe with this product is the small propane canisters that you need to use it with, they’re hard to find in my area in stores (you can get them for super cheap offline at places like target) but online they gouge you on the price.

I lined the bottom of mine with some aluminum foil which was a great idea so far since it collects drippings and really makes me life easier cleaning it, which I’ve done maybe once so far.

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