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Product Description

Outdoor Leisure Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker comes equipped with a fully adjustable electric heating element with three chrome plated cooking grids with multiple adjustment levels and a porcelain coated steel water pan.

  • Electric smoker for outdoor cooking of meat, vegetables, and more
  • Painted-steel wood-chip box; porcelain-coated steel water pan
  • 2 cooking grids; 3 temperature settings; magnetic door-latching system
  • 2 side handles for convenient transport; easy assembly; instructions included
  • Measures 16 by 14 by 30 inches

Listen to what these happy customers had to say:
Good Smoker, May 20, 2010
By Gregory E. Lewis
I have used this unit for 2 years now and am very happy. I had several of the barrel type electric smokers, and I found them hard to maintain temperature on. The weak part on electric units is the controller burns out after about a year, I have had 2 do it almost exactly at a year. This unit the controller snaps in to the element so firm that its almost hard to do, but this appears to prevent the burn out caused by arcing between the controller and the heating element. I smoke year around and I live in a state where it occasionally gets cold, and I have set this unit on 160 and checked the temperature prior to going to bed and again when I first get up and it never is off by more than a couple of degrees. This was on a night when it got down to 20 degrees. The temperature control is fantastic. The only problem I have discovered so far is that because it is a tower smoker if you are smoking fatty meats as the fat melts it falls on the wood and stops the smoking. This is the nature of all tower smokers, and I have found if you just put a piece of aluminum foil over the wood the grease runs around the wood and everything is fine. Live and learn alas there is no perfect piece of machinery, but this is a very good smoker.
Great smoker, Instructions need improvement, March 22, 2011
By Tyler B “Tyler B”
I looked at a number of electric smokers before settling on this model since the weak spot of most electric smokers seems to be the heating element and this particular model lets you replace the controller and element. As other reviewers write it holds a constant temperature very well. But using it as directed I have yet to get any meaningful smoke out of it. The taste of the food reflects the little smoke output. The instruction manual says that the shavings do not need to be soaked in water but soaked or not it really doesn’t “smoke” very much. After a 4-5 hour cook at 230 degrees the original small bunch of wood chips placed in the wood cup maybe turns a bit darker but never burns or smokes. If it weren’t for the lack of smoke it would be a great product but it’s kind of hard to call it a good smoker.
Update: Since a number of people reported having the same problem I had with too little smoke I contacted the seller by email. They got back to me within a day and instructed me to completely fill the wood chip container and place it into the smoker (leave the water container out for now) and then heat the unit on high to 300 degrees for an hour to get the smoke going then turn the temperature down to cooking temp. I use small chips so within 15-20 minutes at 300 degrees the smoke was coming out of every crack and opening in the smoker. I only gave a half hour start up then dialed down as the amount of smoke was really impressive. I put in two one pound chicken breasts and dialed back to 230-240. A smaller but constant flow of smoke continued after reducing the temperature. I needed to refill the wood chips after about 1-1.5 hours and briefly turned the heat dial back to high until the smoke started again then dialed back to the desired temp. The cooking went very smoothly and the temperature, even with turning up and the back to cook temperature, was rock solid. The chicken was excellent. Looking forward to trying the smoker again with meats that require lower cooking temperatures. Note that after I finished cooking today the wood chips continued to smoke until they burned out, about 20-30 minutes. It tells me that to smoke salmon or other meats that require lower temps you’ve got to get the wood burning well before turning down the heat – but it should work. Given this update I’m upgrading my rating to 5 stars – it was so easy to start the smoke and then regulate the cooking temperature. Plenty of smoke!



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