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Product Description

The GrillPro 60090 universal rotisserie kit includes the motor with on/off switch, heavy duty forks, counter balance kit and spit rod. The rotisserie comes with universal and OEM brackets for Broil King, Broil Mate, Sterling and GrillPro grills. The spit rod is 33-1/2-Inch with a 6-Inch extension


  • GrillPro universal rotisserie kit is a hassle free way to cook large roasts, chicken, and turkeys
  • The deluxe motor features on/off switch and auto reverse function
  • The rotisserie comes with universal and OEM brackets for Broil King, Broil Mate, Sterling, and GrillPro grills
  • Includes spit rod, counter balance kit, and heavy duty forks
  • The 33-inch chrome plated spit rod comes with 6-inch extension
  • Suggested weight limit: 20 pounds
  • Universal rotisserie, fits MOST grills


See what these satisfied customers had to say!

Really well made, easy to install, should work on most grills

By Caseybea

I tried another rotisserie I got from an auction, and was sadly disappointed. The mounting brackets did not fit, there was no counterweight, and the meat forks were cheaply made. THIS unit however, is great. First, the mounting brackets are truly “universal”, and should fit just about any grill. Mine mounted perfectly on my Aussie Bonza Deluxe 3 grill without issue. Installation only takes about 5 minutes. The mounting brackets allow for various distances between your grill’s mounting holes, and multiple sets of holes allow for various height adjustments. If your grill has two holes on either side, you should be set.
The single-piece spit rod is heavy duty, the counter weight included is heavy enough to assist with balancing heavier roasts (or chickens), and the four-pronged meat forks are well made. The motor comes with a long cord (about 3 feet- most other units have much shorter cords!), and the fact that the motor has an on/off switch is a nice plus. Lastly, for all the praise I can give this unit, I was also pleased that it’s attractively priced. I have seen many other rotisseries that seem to be much more expensive and not built nearly as well.


I’m sorry I waited so long to get a rotisserie

By Paul S “Harley100”

I have a Broilmaster P-3 that is 9 years old and I just finished overhauling with new paint, burners, grates, etc…I love this grill. I’ve never used a rotisserie and with the surge in popularity of beer can chicken, I was very hesitant to pay for either of the OEM rotisseries offered for my grill (one lists for $128 and the other for $193). I did some checking and measuring and could not find a reason why this Grillpro HD Rotisserie Model 60090 would not work with my Broilmaster. It came yesterday and attached to my grill in minutes with either the universal or Broilking brackets. For those of you reading the other reviews complaining about the length…this rotisserie is different now. It comes with a 31″ spit and a 6″ spit extension. That does not mean it will span a 36″ firebox though because you need several inches for the motor and the handle. I did not need to use the 6″ extension but I used every inch of the 31″ spit and my firebox is 26″ inside span…I guess it is safe to say that the 37″ spit will handle a 32″ firebox. I saw one made by Onward that fit a huge 4 burner grill…so I know they make an even bigger model.


Great Quality, Perfect Fit, Easy Install

By Reg

The Universal GrillPro 60090 Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit REALLY IS Heavy Duty AND (as far as my grill model is concerned) it is also “universal” just as advertised! I love it! It took about 20 minutes from opening the box to having it working on my grill – the holes lined up perfectly with the “standard bracket”. 3 brackets come with the kit, 2 extra ones just in case the first one does not fit. I was glad I did not have to use one of the two “funny-looking-multi-holed-zig-zag” brackets. These two brackets have all sorts of holes and weird shaped stamp-out-holes/patterns in them so they can (presumably) fit any grill. If you need to use one of these universal brackets don’t worry, because the motor will pretty much hide it from view… but if you are a perfectionist (like I am) you could always go to your hardware store and make your own… so no big deal. Regarding the length of the stainless steel spit (rod). It too is “universal”. It is about 33 inches long, standard (I am going from memory here, so don’t hold me to exact dimensions please) and since I have a Grill Master that is only about 27 inches across (I did measure that) it fits perfectly with enough overhang for the counter-weight to attach on the other end from the motor. If your grill is 36 inches across it should still fit because they include about a 6 inch “extender” that screws onto the end of the 33″ spit making it close to 40 inches (my guess) so you should have no problem with the length of the spit. It won’t look as “clean” but it won’t look too bad either since it all matches perfectly and is high-quality. The only “low quality” I found in the whole kit were the bolts that they provide to attach the bracket (for the motor) to the side of the grill. These black screws have cheap wing-nuts on one end and they are all light-duty and not up the standard of the motor and other hardware. Not a big deal – again one could purchase heavy duty ones from a hardware store for a couple of bucks. The motor is just as smooth and silent as others have reported, and because of the gearing it is powerful enough to turn any load you want to put on the spit. The adjustable counter weight should also help. Instructions are not great but hey, there’s not much to this assembly!! Good grilling to you all!


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