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Product Description

Turn your charcoal grill into a wood-fired pizza oven with a KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit. KettlePizza works with all kettle grills including Weber and others. The basic KettlePizza kit includes a laser machined stainless steel riser sleeve, a high-temp thermometer, wood handles with stainless hardware and a 14 inch pro pizza pan. Deluxe versions include a hand-made, USA-manufactured baking stone and your choice of wood or aluminum pizza peel. Users can assemble and install the riser sleeve in minutes. The sleeve creates a cooking chamber that doesn’t need to be opened to access the food. The temperature remains steady yielding superior pizza. You can use hardwood to achieve a great smokey flavor too.

There’s no need for a door; works just like a pizza oven.View larger

Make delicious custom pizzas on your charcoal grill

Some basic assembly is required (no tools needed). The product is proudly Made in USA and has patents pending. Note: buyers must first have a kettle grill such as a Weber One Touch 22.5 Inch Gold or Silver.

How KettlePizza Works

Everyone wants to cook pizza on their grill. Traditional grills, however, are not suited for cooking pizza. Pizza needs high heat and constant temperature to cook properly. This is difficult to achieve in a regular grill because the constant opening/closing of the grill top leads to massive variations in cooking temperature. The common result is a well-done bottom and under-cooked toppings. KettlePizza solved this problem by designing a stainless steel sleeve that fits between the kettle grill bottom and top creating a cooking chamber. There is an opening in the front that allows access to the chamber. The heat comes up from the back of the kettle, along the rear of the cooking chamber and over the top exiting the front opening. This creates a consistent heat loss that forces heat over the top of the pizza ensuring a properly cooked top. A door is not necessary and the product can maintain consistent temperatures upwards of 750 degrees F with a base of charcoal and hard wood.

Achieve Temperatures up to 900 Degress with No Door Needed

The KettlePizza, during testing, has achieved temperatures of up to 900 degrees using a mixture of charcoal and hardwood. These tests were done with thermocouples set up inside the dome and at the opening of the pizza oven. Stone temperatures above 650 degrees F. are common as well. Wondering why there is no door? With KettlePizza, there is no reason for one–after all, most traditional pizza ovens do not have doors. The goal is for consistent heat loss that flows over the top of the pizza as it exits the opening. The result is a steady, high cooking temperature that still gives you full access to what’s cooking.

Cook More Than Just Pizza

The KettlePizza is not just for pizza. Using pizza pans and skillets, almost any food can be cooked. If you purchase an extra grill grate, they can be added to the top standoffs, creating a “double stack”. This will double the cooking surface of your traditional kettle grill.

Listen to what these satisfied customers had to say:

This thing is great

By Michael T. Kraus

I’d give this 6 stars if I could. I’ve had this thing for a couple of months now, and it is awesome. I use it in conjunction with a pizza stone, and am making some of the best pizza I’ve ever made. I’ve been using Cowboy charcoal, which seems to burn at a higher temperature than the Kingsford briquettes. I’d recommend getting that type of charcoal or something similar. After heating the charcoal in the chimney, I spread it around the back of the oven. Then I throw in some more charcoal as well as blocks of wood. In about 2-3 minutes the wood goes up and the grill is ready. I’ve discovered that the best thing to do is prepare the pizza on a pan with a lot of cornmeal. Put it in for a couple of minutes (on top of the pizza stone) until it looks like the crust has firmed a little. Then I take the pizza out, remove it from the pan, and put it directly onto the stone for a little longer, turning it periodically.The only minor quibble I have is that the supplied thermometer stops around 700 degrees. I am getting heats well in excess of that, probably around 900+, although I don’t know because the needle goes way past the last marking. If you like to make pizza, this thing is probably as close as you will get to having a brick oven without actually building one.

Tweak it a little and it’s perfectBy Eric Hollingsworth

Makes wood-fired pizza as good as any restaurant, but with a few extras, that we bought for our 22.5 Weber. We bought Weber’s char basket accessory to place behind the pizza stone, and a steel baking “stone” (pizza steel) that is placed above the pizza on a second standard grate (which we bought to sit above the Kettle Pizza insert). Pile at least one full chimney of hot coals in the very back of the Weber, place the bottom grate, then the basket filled with apple wood (hardwood) chunks in the back. Place the upper grate and steel on top of that, and close the vent in the dome lid. When the wood flames up, it heats the upper steel and reflects heat straight down onto the pizza, as the temp soars well past 750. Rotate the pizza on the bottom stone with a small peel or large spatula so that the wood fire doesn’t burn the crust edge. At this temp your pizza is done in 5 minutes or less!


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