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Portable Propane Campfire

All the charm of a wood-burning fire

Camco Portable Propane Camp fire allows you to take your campfire with you. No mess, no ash and no need to gather firewood–you can have a campfire wherever you go. The compact, portable campfire is great for campsites with restrictions against in-ground fires. Take it tailgating or put it on a patio. Its size is convenient for wherever you need a fire. Realistic log piece and full 9-1/2″ diameter ring burner help create the natural look and ambiance of wood-burning campfires. Its sturdy lid and security latches make it safe and easy to transport. The campfire includes an 8′ propane hose for use with standard LP gas cylinders. The fire tray diameter is 11-1/4″. It includes an adjustable regulator with a maximum output of 65,000 BTU/HR.

A Safer Option

The Little Red Campfire is perfect for use in campgrounds with fire restrictions. Features like the elevated fire tray make the Little Red Campfire the safest portable propane fireplace on the market. Protect our forested areas and our campgrounds with a safer, easy-to-use fire. The Little Red Campfire can be used as for cooking if using the Little Red Campfire Cooktop (sold separately). Use to boil water, or cook up your favorite dish in a frying pan.

  • Includes 8-foot propane hose for use with standard LP gas cylinders
  • 25″ fire tray diameter
  • 65,000 BTUs per hour
  • RV campground approved
  • Sturdy lid and security latches make it safe and easy to transport

See what these satisfied customers had to say:

Pleasantly surprised

By J. Chafin

I am so pleased with this item I decided to write my very first review here on Amazon. I bought this unit as an alternative when the forest service in Arizona puts a ban on campfires (quite common during our dry summer months). We went camping last month without being able to build a fire. Although we managed to have a nice time, it just didn’t feel like camping to us. Anyways, as soon as we got home I started researching different propane campfires. The prices are all over the map and some of the more elaborate models didn’t appear to recreate a “fire”. The thing I was most concerned with was having a nice flame. This little unit does not disappoint in that department. On its lowest setting the flame is around 6 inches or so tall with almost no hissing sound from the propane. On the high setting the flames are maybe 2 feet above the unit. I was surprised at how high the flames got… lol. The downside to the highest setting is the hissing sound is pretty loud. As others have said the logs that come with this unit seem very fragile. The only difference between the “campfire in a can” and this unit as far as I can tell is the logs. The campfire in a can has logs that are molded together to look like a pile. This unit has individual logs that you stack to your liking. The molded style is better for transporting as the logs wont bang into each other as you carry the unit. I plan to individually wrap the logs to protect them from breaking during transport. So to get straight to my point…If you want a natural looking fire and not the wimpy flames you see coming from your propane BBQ grill, buy this immediately. I hope my review was helpful for you.

Fun Appliance, But Not Hot

By Robert E. Tacy Jr. “Movie Lubber”

This is a fun addition to our RV. Many campgrounds and RV parks do not allow open wood burning always a disappointment  for us as we love to sit around a natural campfire. It’s always fun to roast hotdogs and marshmallows. That’s when we break out this little fire pit in a can. The unit is small with some artificial, but fairly natural looking logs; much like a gas fireplace in your home. All you do is unlatch three latches, adjust the logs; although we did find that the logs didn’t match up well with the holes and pegs that were on them; however it made little difference how you stacked those logs on the bottom ones. You then unwind the gas hose which is wound around the stand, under the pit and attach it by hand to a Propane tank which you can put up to eight feet away. The unit is mostly for the atmosphere. It puts out a little heat, but it’s not going to keep you warm on a cold night. And we miss the crackling of the wood. (you can hook up your I-pod and play fire sounds) The unit, overall, works great. You can adjust the flame from low to high but the higher you go, the louder the hiss of the propane. We found that a medium flame was good. We bought a small bag of Rockwool and put some small pieces below the logs for the extra look of burning embers. You may be able to cook a hotdog over it, but we choose not to because it appears the grease would make a mess of the logs and they don’t look easy to clean. All in all, I think it’s a great idea and it works well. Do keep in mind that you will have to haul an extra propane tank as, even with an adapter, I don’t think it would run long on small tanks.


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