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Whether you are vegetarian yourself or one of your guests is going to be vegetarian, there is no reason to pack up the grill and pull out your salad bowls.  While a great big salad is often appreciated alongside savory grilled treats, even human herbivores enjoy a hearty meal fresh from the grill. Portabella Burgers  are a perfect choice for any dinner party.   

portabella burger


Of course there are tons of vegetarian burger replacements made out of everything from black beans to texturized vegetable protein (whatever that means!)  The truth is that these prepackaged, meat pretenders can be really good, while some brands can taste like cardboard. Without doing a lot of research, you could wind up with a grilling nightmare if you are not careful.  Avoid the whole mess and leave the fakebugers alone. Portabella Burgers are better than anything you can buy in a box, anyway.  


Instead, head over to the produce section and choose a few large, firm portabella caps.  These can be marinated (or not) and topped with anything from barbeque sauce to guacamole. Portabella burgers are a versatile and delicious way to vary your diet.

A truly lovely Portabella burger recipe:


4 large portabella caps

1 cup shredded mozzarella

Fresh basil leaves

1 large tomato
Simple assemble by putting 1/8th cup of cheese on the grill.  Next comes a thick slice of tomato, then a layer of basil leaves and top it with another 1/8 cup of cheese.  Grilling portabella burgers can be messy so you may want to use a tray like the one pictured above.  When the cheese is melted they are ready to eat.

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