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Forget the tinfoil or flimsy aluminum accessories. Cast iron was made to be used on an open flame.  Grilling with cast iron is the perfect way to show off your grilling skills. . With cast iron, anything you cook in or on your stove can be cooked on your grill with arguably ten times the compliments when it comes to the results.


A cast iron Dutch oven can be filled with whatever meats or vegetables you want and put in your covered grill to roast. A closed Dutch oven will collect precious juices for gravy but you can open it just as easily to brown everything nicely. Remember that the heat is all on the bottom when you’re grilling with cast iron Dutch oven. The contents of the oven should be stirred regularly.


You can use your cast iron to fry up some grub as well. Corn fried in a little butter is a treat or you can use your frying pan to cook ups some bacon to top your dinner creations without having to use the range in your kitchen. Grilling with cast iron frying pans is just a convenient way to cook a whole meal in your back yard.


That’s right, you can bake desert in your cast iron, right on your grill. The best recipes are the ones that are super easy but look totally impressive. This cobbler recipe fits that bill.


1 packaged cake mix (spice or yellow work best)

1 pound fruit (berries, peaches or apples are nice)

1/2 cup sugar

1/3 cup oil or butter


Combine the fruit and sugar in your skillet and put it on the grill. Stir it occasionally until it’s warmed through and soft.  In a bowl, stir the dry cake mix and the oil together. It won’t make a soft batter. You aren’t really making cake.  You don’t want to add the eggs or water.  It should be uniformly moist but still crumbly. Spread it over the fruit and close the grill for half an hour.  

If you time it just right when you are grilling with cast iron to make dessert, you can get the dessert on just as everyone is sitting down to enjoy the main course.  Then, when everyone is done, the cobbler will be ready to enjoy! It’s a perfect ending to a perfectly planned dinner party.


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