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Product Description

CrawClaws Cooking Gloves are the Answer for Safer and Easier Grilling, Cooking, and BBQing!

Throw your old fabric oven mitts in the garbage with your leisure suit and 8-track player. CrawClaws are a new and improved alternative to the traditional cooking glove. CrawClaws last longer, grip better, and protect from higher heat than competing kitchen gloves.

What makes CrawClaws the best gloves for your kitchen?

– CrawClaws are designed and tested by a Louisiana company to stand up to the heat and rigors of crawfish and crab boils, fish fries, and outdoor cooking all while still giving you 5-fingers of grip. These features allow CrawClaws to excel in household kitchen environments. This is accomplished by choosing the perfect thickness and density of the silicone used in our glove. If we didn’t believe in our product, we simply wouldn’t sell it.

– Heat-resistant to 425ºF which makes CrawClaws perfect for any high heat situation like oven cooking, outdoor grilling, boiling liquids, holding hot roasts to carve, and more!

– Dishwasher-safe so they are much easier to clean than cloth-lined gloves. Grime, sauces and oils wash right off of our hard-to-stain silicone design.

– Textured surface gives you a secure grip to help prevent messy and dangerous spills as well as adds grip to help loosen tight jar lids.

– Lifetime Guarantee! If you are unsatisfied with your Craw Claw purchase in any way, return it, and we will refund your entire purchase price. 100%Guaranteed.
Click “Add to Cart” to ditch those dirty, cumbersome, and unsafe oven mitts and join the Craw Claw revolution! ClawCraws are backed by the Searpro name, so they are built to last and come with one of the best guarantees in the industry.

Check out what these satisfied customers had to say!

Love them

By Melissa M

I like these gloves much more than traditional oven mitts for several reasons. The first is that it’s so convenient to just throw them in the dishwasher to clean them; they also typically clean up just by running them under water. Much easier than when I use my cloth oven mitts and spill something on them. Mitts get nasty so fast and these gloves are always clean. They’re also really heat resistant. If I use my cloth mitts and the broiler is on my hands always feel like they’re burning. These gloves make my hands totally comfortable. I don’t have to worry about burning any part of my hand when reaching in the oven. My husband uses them too when he’s grilling and he also loves them. Another great benefit is if they get wet they still provide the same level of heat protection. I’ve burnt my hand before grabbing a mitt that’s a little wet because then the heat goes right through. These gloves don’t have that problem.


They are very nice if you are looking for an all silicone pair…

By Daniel Antrup

I only just received the silicone CrawClaws oven gloves by Searpro yesterday. They are very nice if you are looking for an all silicone pair of oven gloves. I have received recently several of this type currently on the market from various merchants on Amazon. I find that a lot of times products are likely made by the same manufacturer, and are 99% alike, with the exception of the name put on them. The price is almost always different. The CrawClaws l are a little higher than some competitors, but has benefits that other competitors do not. What I first noticed is that these are packaged folded in a nice box. I like to give many things I buy off Amazon as gifts, and although I doubt many people are actually going to keep any box these could come in, it does make them appear more prestigious with it, and make more appealing looking gifts than gloves just in a poly bag with no info. The price is likely affected by this though, and therefore is a little higher than others. But, I do find the more expensive packaging appealing in some situations. The quality of the ones I got, it’s fantastic. Sometimes with silicone, you get some minor cosmetic flaws in the material. I have noticed on other silicone gloves that I have tried that a lot of times the silicone likes to still be stuck together between the fingers, and the holes for hanging them are sometimes not completely punched through. This is likely just a random thing that happens in manufacturing, however on my set, I see no such flaws. Being that these are all silicone, they do lack the comfort of fabric lined silicone gloves. Fabric lined silicone gloves are also easier to get on and off as your skin doesn’t stick to fabric like it does to silicone. But the fact that these are all silicone makes them a breeze to clean, which puts them way above fabric lined gloves. The silicone is going to be nearly impossible to stain unlike fabric lined types that can. You can also toss the all silicone in your dish water and rinse them off, which might be easier than being forced to put them in the laundry like other types. So overall, I feel these are a good quality all silicone gloves. My preference is still fabric lined gloves, but I’m not downgrading this review rating because I have preference for another type. If you are looking for a good pair of all silicone gloves for yourself or a gift for another, these might be perfect for you.


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