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It’s a relaxing moment when you are that amazing chef of your grill, king of your domain. Grilling tasty food for your guests when suddenly the flame bursts upwards above your grill engulfing your food with fire. How do you keep your food from being scorched? How do you control the flaming outbursts?

BBQ Grill Flame


What causes flare ups?

They are caused by fats and oil dropping onto coals combusting into a grease fire. Flare ups can begin as soon as food is flipped over or when it is placed on a grill. There is no need to worry about small flare ups rising up close to the food. In this case your food will be done a lot quicker. When the fire rages and engulfs your food that can cause excessive burning.

BBQ Grill Flare Up


Save Your Food.

Quickly take your food off of the grill and transfer it to a plate. If the flames subside you can start grilling again but watch it closely. When the flames are raging out of control and that did not stop the fire cut off the fire’s oxygen supply. To put out the fire immediately close the cover to your grill. This will help to lower the raging fire. If you like your meats to be charred and a little crusty leave it on for a little bit. Just be careful that it doesn’t burn or it will lose the flavor.


Grilled Pork Sirloin, high flames

Some foods that cannot remain on the flare up are:

  • Sugar based sauces
  • Marinated food
  • Foods rubbed with spice mixture

These types of food will definitely burn. Please avoid using a squirt bottle. This can cause an ashy mess and the flames will quickly rise up again.

Be safe and enjoy your next cookout with peace of mind.

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