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Weber Genesis Silver B Addition



This weekend is my birthday and I have picked out the perfect present for myself!  After work today I am picking up this beautiful Weber Genesis Silver B! 

Weber Genesis Silver B

This Weber Genesis Silver B is a 2005 model with busted burner tubes and it only cost me $100. 

You can tell that this is a Genesis Silver because it says so on the front badge.  This can be dated to 2005 because only Silver grills made in 2004 and 2005 had the thermometer in the middle of the grill.  Lastly, only Silver grills made in 2005 had the stainless steel cabinet doors.

The plastic side table on the grill is a little stained but has a nice fold out feature that gives you a lot of working area.

Genesis Silver B Side Table

This grill also comes with cast iron grill grates which are a REALLY nice feature!
Genesis Silver Cast Iron Grates

I am not worried about the busted burner tubes on this grill.  I found a great site  Weber Genesis Silver parts that also has user manuals and repair instructions.  There is even a page dedicated to repairing and replacing the burner tubes for this grill.

For $100 and a few bucks in replacement parts I am going to be getting a grill that is much better than anything I could get for $300 at Home Depot or Wal-Mart.

Happy Birthday to me!!

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