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Meatless Monday: Fail



Have you ever just walked yourself into a really stupid situation?  That’s exactly what I did on Monday.


I got up Monday morning and headed down to the store to pick up breakfast for the family.  It was a holiday so I figured we we splurge a little. 

I picked up some doughnuts for the kids, an apple fritter for my wife and a pre-made breakfast burrito for myself.

I was about halfway through eating my burrito when I realized that in addition to potatoes, eggs and salsa that it also was loaded with sausage! 

There went my Meatless Monday down the drain.

I finished the burrito, no point in wasting food, and spent some time thinking about Meatless Monday.

It is amazing that, as a culture, we have to work hard at avoiding eating meat!  We are such a “meat centric” culture that skipping meat for a single meal, much less an entire day, can be a real challenge.

I guess that is part of the point of Meatless Monday.  Let’s try to bring some rationality back into our diets.  There is no need to have to consume meat at every single meal. 

I am not going to beat myself up over this Meatless Monday fail.  I am going to use it as a way to refocus my thoughts and efforts.

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