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Summer is essentially here, which means we’re well into grilling season! Hooray!

Unfortunately summer doesn’t always mean perfect weather. It may be warmer and sunnier, but it can still rain. Parts of the United States, such as the South, are known for their almost daily summer storms.

So how do you get your summer grilling time in when it’s storming every day?

Don’t let a little drizzle discourage you. Here are some tips and tricks to follow if you want to be able to enjoy your grill every day in every type of weather.

You may need extra fuel. This depends more on the temperature outside than anything. In some places, it can pour buckets and still remain hot outside. But if you want to grill and the temperature has dropped below your typical Spring/Summer warmth, you’ll need some extra time both to heat up the grill and to cook your meat, as its receiving cold air in addition to the heat underneath it.

Grab a sturdy umbrella. This one’s a simple fix! While it doesn’t work as well during torrential downpours, if the rain isn’t too rough, just stand at your grill with an umbrella in one hand and a spatula in the other. This requires a little more hand-eye coordination, but we think you can handle it.

Build a covered patio. If you really want to up your grilling game, the best way to ensure that you can grill 365 days a year is to get yourself a covered patio. Make sure that it’s still a very open-air space, as you don’t want to trap any carbon monoxide into your patio.

Get a pop-up canopy. For a more temporary and affordable solution, get yourself a pop-up canopy. Only set it up over your grill during inclement weather and store it away in your garage the rest of the time. Just make sure it is both fire and water resistant!

However you make summer storm grilling work for you, just remember one thing…

Never grill indoors! While a lot of people will make storm-grilling work by bringing their grills into the garage and opening up the garage door and installing ventilation, this is generally not a good idea. Grilling in any enclosed space, even if it is not fully enclosed, is unsafe. Grills emit carbon monoxide, and people die annually from carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s not worth it!

Use one of our healthier tips above instead, and happy grilling!

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