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Having a cookout this Halloween?  With unseasonably high temperatures across the country this is more than a possibility even for areas not accustomed to warm weather this time of year.  A Halloween grilling party is a perfect opportunity to showcase your creative grilling skills and wow the neighborhood with your grilling prowess.  We here at The Grill Store have put together some great Halloween ideas to impress and even scare the pants off your cookout crowd.


The Severed Finger in a bun recipe


hotdog fingers idea for halloween


Partytipz refers to this recipe as Gross looking, but it’s a delicious one at the same time, a perfect combination that is sure to astonish your guest and open up their appetites with a familiar grilling appetizer.  Carefully shave off the ends of the hotdogs to give the effect of a fingernail and cut a small piece of the hotdog off to simulate a severed finger.  Cooking on a grill gives an added effect of a burnt severed finger.  Now add ketchup and PRESTO!, there you have it.


Spooky Eyeball Potatoes

 eyeball potatoes for halloween

There are many eyeball recipes for hallo0ween, but here is a recipe for wonderful eyeball potatos, fresh from the grill.


  • Small Potatoes (about 9 oz)
  • Cream cheese
  • Pimento stuffed olives, halved
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and black pepper


Clean the fresh potatoes and place them into a roasting pan. Toss with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place on the grill, cover and cook until soft inside and crispy on the outside – about 20 minutes. Allow to cool slightly, scoop a bit of the potato flesh from the top of each potato. Fill it with the cream cheese and top with a pimento stuffed olive half.

Follow this link for more wonderful potato ideas for halloween.


and https://www.pinterest.com/pin/542050505122838511/


Meat Hand

meat hand halloween food

Check out Popsugar for this creepy looking meat hand recipe.  It’s a wonderful idea that can be produced with a meatloaf or ribs.  Add grill marks, ketchup and bbq sauce to add to the creepy flavor.

When done cooking your monster mash meals you can even use your grill has a Halloween decoration, placing skeletons on the smoky grill covered in paint or ketchup is a great way to add to the Halloween ambiance.

More Party Ideas

halloween food ideas

Find more great ideas here.


And enjoy your halloween monster mash.


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