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Grilling is extremely versatile. There is an immense variety of foods that are absolutely exquisite when grilled. These range from meat to fish to vegetables. Anything can be grilled in all honesty some things do grill easier than others can.

Chicken is great on the grill whether you are grilling boneless breasts or chicken thighs – chicken holds up nicely on the grill. It is widely loved so it is definitely a crowd pleaser. Chicken can be seasoned a variety of ways or even marinated before putting on the grill. Hamburgers are always a great option when grilling. You can use traditional spices like salt and pepper or seasoned salt for a classic taste. Alternatively, you can choose to go experiment and play around with the seasonings to create a unique taste that is personal to you. Hot Dogs are always a classic choice for grilling. You can choose any type of hot dog and pop them on the grill for an instant favorite. Last but certainly not least are steaks. Steaks hold up amazingly well and taste their best when grilled on a grill. The nice sear you can get when grilling steaks enhance their flavor and texture tremendously.

Corn is a favorite when grilled. There are various types of corn and all of them taste amazing when grilled. Corn can be grilled straight on the grill or wrapped in foil. Zucchini is another favorite when grilling. It is extremely simple to get great grilled flavor out of zucchini. All you need to season zucchini with is some oil as well as salt and pepper. Squash is the same as zucchini. Great on the grill and not much seasoning required to make it really pop. Foil Packets can be a great solution for the grill. Chop up the desired vegetables and season. Wrap them up in a foil packet nice and tight and cook on the grill. No mess and individual portions and selections for everybody.

Catfish is a great fish no matter how you cook it. On the grill is a wonderful addition to the many popular ways of cooking this fish. Catfish is like salmon in that you do not need many seasonings to make it sing. Salmon is a wonderful fish to cook on the grill. It is a hearty fish, which stands up to the heat well. It also responds the best when cooking and releases from the grill when it is ready to flip. It does not need much in the way of seasonings as long as the grill is seasoned and you have salt, pepper, and oil on the fish you should be good to go. Tilapia is another wonderful fish like catfish that is very versatile. This fish has a mild flavor but can hold its own when paired with some intense spice choices such as creole spice. Tilapia does great on the grill as long as you put some foil down and oil the fish up so that it does not stick.

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